The Kelpies tours

kelpies in the snow at Christmas

The Kelpies, towering equine sculptures that rise majestically in the Helix Park near Falkirk in Scotland, have made a significant impact on the region and beyond since their unveiling in 2013. Created by artist Andy Scott, these 30-meter-tall steel monuments are a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered heritage and are now synonymous with Scottish cultural identity. … Read more

Eilean Donan Castle inspires Pixar’s Brave

[ecard] Pixar’s new blockbuster Brave film is set in Scotland and has been inspired by a number of Scottish castles, mainly Eilean Donan Castle and Dunnottar Castle. The film has made $66.7m (£42.8m) in its opening weekend, knocking Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted off the top spot. Brave is the first Disney Pixar animation with … Read more