Jack Vettriano finally gets into RSA

UK’s most popular artist Jack Vettriano is finally to hang in the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Art. Sadly the work isn’t by Vettriano – it’s a spoof taken on a mobile phone camera. The move will stoke the flames of the feud between the Scottish arts establishment and the former mining engineer. The spoof is of his most famous painting, The Singing Butler.The RSA refuse to take Vettriano’s work seriously or hang any of it. But they will hang the impromptu photo taken last month by Leith artist Keith Farquhar, 37, at a friend’s wake. The pic will form part of the Young Athenians exhibition showcasing Edinburgh-based artists. Farquhar took the picture on his cheap camera phone at Portobello beach.
He said: “In a moment of inspiration, I snapped this couple of mourners who were messing about posing like The Singing Butler. “They’d had a bit to drink and I knew right away the image was perfect .
“I love the look on the woman’s face – it’s priceless. “When I realised I had been invited to take part in an exhibition at the RSA, I decided to get the photo blown up and called it My Vettriano. “This is a way of me slipping him in the back door.”

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