The Kelpies mythology

The Kelpies mythology

Kelpies Mythology: Mystical Water Horses of Scotland

The Kelpies are mythical creatures rooted deeply in Scottish folklore, captivating imaginations with their mystical and often malevolent nature. These water spirits are traditionally depicted as shape-shifting horses inhabiting the lochs and rivers of Scotland. They are known for their deceptive beauty, luring unsuspecting travelers to a watery doom.

The origins of the Kelpie Mythology trace back to ancient Celtic beliefs. The name “kelpie” is derived from the Scottish Gaelic words “cailpeach” or “colpach,” meaning “heifer” or “colt.” These mythical beings are often portrayed as powerful horses that can transform into beautiful women or men to entice their victims. The stories of the Kelpies have been passed down through generations, serving both as cautionary tales and as a reflection of the mysterious allure of Scotland’s waterways to children and adults alike .

One of the most famous legends involving Kelpies is the story of the Each-Uisge, a particularly dangerous type of Kelpie that inhabits the sea and coastal areas. Unlike its freshwater counterpart, the Each-Uisge is even more ferocious and deadly, capable of dragging entire boats and their crews to the depths of the ocean. These tales highlight the inherent danger of the Scottish waters and the creatures that dwell within them.

Kelpies are often described as being incredibly strong, with the ability to drag a person into the water without much effort. They are also said to have a mane that constantly drips water, even when on land. This characteristic is a telltale sign that one is in the presence of a Kelpie. According to legend, if you manage to capture a Kelpie and harness it, you can control its immense power. However, this is no easy feat, as Kelpies are cunning and often outwit their captors.

The Unique Kelpies Tours from Private Tours Edinburgh

In modern times, the fascination with Kelpies and their Mythology has not waned. Instead, it has inspired contemporary art and tourism, most notably in the form of the magnificent Kelpies sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland. These 30-meter-high horse-head sculptures, designed by artist Andy Scott, are a tribute to the enduring legend of the Kelpies and have become a major tourist attraction. In 10 years the Kelpies have had over 7 million visitors .

Private Tours Edinburgh offers unique and immersive tours centred around these iconic sculptures and the rich mythology of the Kelpies. These tours provide a comprehensive experience that blends history, art, and folklore, allowing visitors to delve deep into the enchanting world of Scotland’s mythical water horses.

The Kelpies tours begin with a visit to The Helix park, where the sculptures are located. Here, visitors can marvel at the sheer scale and intricacy of the Kelpies, learning about the artistic vision and engineering prowess that brought them to life. The sculptures are made of stainless steel and each weighs over 300 tonnes, making them a breathtaking sight against the Scottish landscape. In the visitor centre ( and on Youtube ) you can watch a fascinating time lapse video of the Kelpies being built .

Private Tours Edinburgh offers tours that provide insightful commentary on the history and mythology of the Kelpies. Knowledgeable guides share fascinating tales of the creatures’ origins, their significance in Scottish folklore, and the various interpretations of their legend. This contextual background enriches the experience, making the visit not just visually impressive but also intellectually stimulating.

For those interested in exploring beyond the sculptures, Private Tours Edinburgh also offers extended tours that include visits to nearby landmarks and scenic spots. These might include a trip to the Falkirk Wheel, a marvel of modern engineering that connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, or a visit to Stirling Castle , built by the Stewart kings .

In addition to the historical and mythological aspects, the tours often highlight the cultural impact of the Kelpies in contemporary Scotland. This includes discussions on how the sculptures have revitalized the local area, attracting tourists and boosting the economy. The tours may also touch on the broader context of Scottish folklore and its influence on art, literature, and popular culture.

Overall, the Kelpies tours from Private Tours Edinburgh offer a unique opportunity to explore one of Scotland’s most intriguing legends. By combining the awe-inspiring beauty of the Kelpies sculptures with rich storytelling and cultural insights, these tours provide an unforgettable experience for anyone interested in Scotland’s mythical heritage.

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The Kelpies are the largest pieces of equine art in the world , created by Scottish artist Andy Scott. The most successful Scottish artist of all time is Jack Vettriano .

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The Kelpies have become one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland with over  three million visitors in its 10 year history . The Kelpies have their 10 year anniversary next week .

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