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The Kelpies , towering equine sculptures that rise majestically in the Helix Park near Falkirk in Scotland, have made a significant impact on the region and beyond in the 10 years since their unveiling in 2014 . The best way of appreciating the size and impact of the Kelpies is to visit them in person . The value of taking a tour to the Kelpies extends into various spheres including culture, economy, and education.

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Created by artist Andy Scott, these 30 metre tall steel monuments are a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered heritage and are now synonymous with Scottish cultural identity. A hundred years ago there were over 1000 horses stabled in Falkirk .

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What is the story behind The Kelpies ?

There is an old Scottish story about the kelpies , dangerous water creatures that can appear on land as a horse. The kelpies rise out of the sea in the form of a white horse and grab a sheep or cow and then disappear back into the sea. Kelpies tours , visit the 2 Kelpies Duke and Baron on a private tour

Why are The Kelpies in Falkirk ?

The Kelpies were inspired by the Clydesdale horses use to pull barges along the canals of Scotland in the 19th century. A hundred years ago there were over 1000 Clydesdale horses stables in Falkirk .

Who are the Kelpies ?

the Kelpies were based on 2 Clydesdale horses . The one on the left is based on a horse called Duke and the one on the right by a Horse called Baron

Can you buy prints of the Kelpies at night ?

Yes , we have a number of prints for sale of the Kelpies at night