The Kelpies at night – a stunning spectacle

Imagine a world where myth and modernity meet under the celestial canvas of the night sky. This is what awaits you at The Kelpies in Falkirk, an awe-inspiring sight like no other. As darkness descends, these colossal steel sculptures transform into luminous beacons, casting an ethereal glow over the waters of the Forth and Clyde Canal. Kelpies at night prints for sale

the Kelpies, at night canvas prints , Helix Park , Falkirk , Scotland
the Kelpies, at night canvas prints , Helix Park , Falkirk , Scotland sculptures in the world

The Kelpies, towering at 30 meters, are not only a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered heritage but are also a striking example of contemporary art. Each evening, they come alive through a spectacular illumination that highlights their intricate steel curves and powerful forms. This dynamic light show is meticulously designed to showcase the fluidity and grace of these mythical creatures, embodying the spirit of the water horses from Scottish folklore that inspired their creation. Kelpies at night prints for sale

Visiting The Kelpies at night offers a unique experience where the play of light and shadow merges with the surrounding landscape to create a mesmerizing spectacle. The reflective waters below mirror the grandeur above, doubling the magic and making it a photographer’s paradise. The ambient lighting shifts with the seasons and events, promising a different delight with every visit.

The Kelpies are not just sculptures; they are an immersive experience that celebrates both cultural heritage and artistic innovation. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a photography enthusiast or simply in search of a magical evening out, The Kelpies at night offer a truly unique and enchanting experience that resonates long after you’ve left their glowing presence.

Come witness this unparalleled fusion of art and engineering, where the legends of old are illuminated under the stars of today. The Kelpies at night are more than just a sight to see; they are a wonder to be experienced.

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The Kelpies Supernova run is back !

The Kelpies Supernova run returns

Great news for fun runners and Kelpies fans – the supernova 5K is going to return to Falkirk after the success of the event in the town in the past.Runners have been asked to dig out their fluorescent clothing and grab anything that glows and flashes for the event.

The 5k run was the first event of its kind in Scotland back in 2015 . Visit the Kelpies on our unique Kelpies tours with free hotel pickup from Edinburgh . Phone +447305-294773 for more details . The Kelpies at night HDR print is now for sale online. Kelpies t-shirts and gifts can be bought online at the Kelpies prints shop , now featuring unique canvas prints , travel mugs , t-shirts and Kelpies postcards.
Visitors to the Kelpies know that they look absolutely spectacular – especially when they’re all lit up at night .

Book your Kelpies tour now .

Picture by  David Rankin , Photogold

Those participating will run the route around The Kelpies in Helix Park which will be lit up to create a spectacular sight.

People of all ages and abilities have been invited to take part.

They also have the option of using the opportunity to fundraise for one of Supernova’s Affiliate Charities, which are local and national.

This includes Strathcarron Hospice in Denny which is marking 40 years of service this year.

The Supernova Kelpies 5K returns to Helix Park & The Kelpies on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th March 2024 .

Kelpies tours

The Kelpies Falkirk , Scotland canvas prints and gifts

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The story of the Kelpies – a myth ?

The myth of the Kelpie, deeply rooted in Scottish folklore, is a captivating and eerie tale that has intrigued and frightened generations. A Kelpie, in Scottish mythology, is a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It has been described primarily as appearing in the form of a horse but is known to take human form as well.

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In its most common guise as a horse, the Kelpie is said to be a stunning creature, sleek and black, though it can also appear as a white horse. It emerges from the depths of the water, tempting people, especially children, to ride on its back. Once its unsuspecting victims mount the horse, they find themselves unable to dismount. The creature’s skin becomes adhesive, and it drags them into the water, drowning and consuming them. Only the heart and liver would be left to float to the surface. This aspect of the Kelpie myth serves as a cautionary tale warning children of the dangers of playing near treacherous waters.

However, the Kelpie’s ability to shape-shift adds a more complex layer to the myth. It can transform into a human form, often appearing as a handsome man to lure women or a hairy man lurking in the streams, waiting to crush any human it encounters. In its human form, the Kelpie retains its water-weed in its hair, a tell-tale sign of its true nature.

The Kelpie is not just a simple monster; it often represents the strength and power of the waterways it inhabits. In some stories, Kelpies are not inherently evil; they can be tamed by those who dare to place a bridle over their heads. In these tales, the Kelpie grants its captor the strength and endurance of ten horses. This aspect of the legend highlights the respect and awe that the Scottish people hold for the natural world, especially the powerful, often treacherous, water bodies that shape their landscape.

Beyond its ominous reputation, the Kelpie myth also serves a symbolic purpose. It embodies the unpredictable and often dangerous nature of water, reflecting an essential aspect of Scottish geography and life. The tales of Kelpies were not only meant to instill caution but also to explain tragic drownings or unexpected disappearances that were common in older times.

Furthermore, the Kelpie legend is deeply intertwined with the Celtic reverence for water bodies as spiritual places. Lakes and rivers were often seen as gateways to the otherworld, and creatures like the Kelpie were believed to be the guardians of these thresholds, adding a mystical layer to the folklore.

In modern times, the myth of the Kelpie continues to capture the imagination. It is a subject of various artistic representations, from literature to sculptures, such as the famous Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland. These 30-meter high horse-head sculptures, created by artist Andy Scott, are a testament to the enduring legacy of this mythical creature in Scottish culture.

The Kelpies story , thus, is more than a mere folk tale; it is a rich tapestry of fear, respect, and awe for nature, encapsulating the deep connection between the Scottish people and their land. It stands as a reminder of the power of storytelling in understanding and respecting the natural world.

The Kelpies tours

The Kelpies , towering equine sculptures that rise majestically in the Helix Park near Falkirk in Scotland, have made a significant impact on the region and beyond since their unveiling in 2014 . The best way of appreciating the size and impact of the Kelpies is to visit them in person . The value of taking a tour to the Kelpies extends into various spheres including culture, economy, and education.

Our Five star tours available for booking include

Created by artist Andy Scott, these 30 metre tall steel monuments are a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered heritage and are now synonymous with Scottish cultural identity. A hundred years ago there were over 1000 horses stabled in Falkirk .

Cultural Impact: The Kelpies represent the mythical shape-shifting water spirits of Scottish folklore, which were said to inhabit the lochs and rivers. By bringing such legends to monumental life, Scott has created a cultural landmark that resonates with the Scottish people’s affinity for myth and history. The sculptures serve as a modern-day interpretation of a cultural narrative, bridging the gap between ancient legends and contemporary art. Tours to the Kelpies offer an opportunity for visitors to engage with Scottish folklore, understand the symbolism behind the sculptures, and appreciate the blend of art and engineering.

Explore the famous Kelpies ,Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel on our unique tour of the Kelpies

Economic Value: As the largest public artworks in Scotland, and the largest equine sculptures in the world , the Kelpies have become a beacon for tourists, drawing visitors not just from the UK but from around the world. This influx of tourists has had a considerable economic impact on the local area through direct employment in the tourism sector and the broader economy, with spending on accommodation, food, and other attractions. The Kelpies tours contribute to the sustainability of the sculptures and the park, with proceeds often reinvested into maintenance and community projects, ensuring that the economic benefits have a ripple effect throughout the region.

Explore the famous Kelpies ,Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel on our unique Kelpies tour

Educational Significance: Educationally, tours to the Kelpies provide insight into a range of subjects from engineering and architecture to art and design. Visitors learn about the construction process which involved intricate design and engineering feats to erect the 300-ton steel structures. School tours often include workshops and educational programs, fostering creativity and learning among younger generations.

Environmental Appreciation: The Kelpies are situated within the Helix, a parkland project aimed at transforming underused land into a thriving green space for community use. Tours of the Kelpies often encompass the wider environmental context, promoting the value of urban green spaces, biodiversity, and ecological conservation. They highlight the balance between human artistic endeavor and the natural environment, encouraging visitors to consider their own impact on the world around them.

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Social Connection: On a social level, the Kelpies have become a source of pride for the people of Falkirk and Scotland as a whole. They are a focal point for community events and celebrations, from light shows to local festivals. Tours often include stories from locals, personalizing the visitor experience and fostering social connections.

Health and Wellbeing: The Kelpies are also part of broader walking and cycling routes, with guided tours promoting physical activity. The act of walking in the open air, enjoying the sculptures and the park, contributes to the overall wellbeing of visitors, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Photographic Interest: For photography enthusiasts, the Kelpies offer a unique subject, changing with Scotland’s dramatic weather and light conditions. Tours at different times of day, including at dusk when the sculptures are dramatically lit, provide ample opportunity for capturing striking images.

In conclusion, the Kelpies are more than just sculptures; they are a dynamic part of Scotland’s cultural landscape. Our unique Kelpies tour is an enriching experience that offers a multifaceted insight into Scotland’s heritage, the impact of public art, and the beauty of community spaces while contributing to the economic and social fabric of the region.

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How long is The Kelpies tour ?

A private day tour featuring a visit to the Kelpies is six hours long , including a visit to Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel . You can spend an hour at the Kelpies . The visitor centre has a cafe , gift shop and restrooms. It also features a time lapse video of the Kelpies bing built . Book your Kelpies tours online the Kelpies, at night canvas prints , Helix Park , Falkirk , Scotland

The Kelpies get their own Christmas skating rink

Falkirk’s iconic Kelpies are to get a festive skating rink for the first time this Christmas as it looks to boost its income after it emerged its Helix Park home is currently running at a £600,000 loss. The council shocked everyone when they announced that the Kelpies were running at a huge loss , mainly because of the cost of maintaining the Helix Park and despite getting 800,000 visitors last year .

Falkirk council announced this week that tickets are now on sale for a family friendly Christmas skating rink beside the iconic sculptures that will be open from December 16 to January 7.

Reaction on social media has been very positive with hundreds of people eager to try the new experience of skating on synthetic ice that promises to be softer than the real thing for children and beginners.

The organisers also promise that the synthetic ice is an eco-friendly choice that will be gentler on the environment than traditional ice rinks.

The event promises to be just the first of many as Falkirk Council recently agreed a new five-year strategy that it hopes will help increase visitor numbers ( and hopefully income ) for the 300-hectare park to one million a year.

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The Kelpies Falkirk , Scotland

The Kelpies tour of Falkirk

Explore the famous Kelpies , the Falkirk Wheel and Stirling Castle , tour three five star attractions in Falkirk . Tour the Kelpies the largest equine sculptures in the world. Six hour private tour around Falkirk for up to four passengers

On this private tour you can visit the famous Kelpies , the Falkirk Wheel and Striling Castle in Falkirk with Private Tours Edinburgh . Phone +44131-549-9785, Whatsapp +447305294773 for more details or contact us online .. This tour costs £295 for a group of up to four people . Your driver / guide is an experienced tour guide and travel photographer based in Falkirk and he will give you a running commentary on places of interest plus information about the history of each location on this tour .

Private tours start at 10 am weekdays . Other times are available at weekends. For more information please phone +447305-294773 or check it online .

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six hour private tour group day trip around day trip around Falkirk

  • Explore the world famous Falkirk Kelpies , a unique tribute to the Clydesdale horses that used to pull barges along the canals of Scotland
  • the Kelpies are the largest equine sculpture in the world
  • the Falkirk Wheel , a unique rotating boat lift
  • historic Callendar House featuring a working kitchen
  • Take in unique views of the historic Callendar House and Park
  • day trips from Edinburgh to three five star attractions
  • Small private group tour with a maximum of four people
  • phone +447305-294773 for more details

Falkirk Wheel

Explore the Falkirk Wheel and Callendar House in Falkirk in our Private Falkirk tours. Since its opening in 2002 the Wheel has become one of Scotland’s busiest tourist attractions, drawing visitors from all over the world. The Falkirk Wheel replaced nine locks on the Union Canal , saving travellers half a day on their journey to Edinburgh . The Falkirk Wheel is the only rotating boat lift in the world , designed to transfer boats from the Forth and Clyde Canal to the Union Canal . A boat trip over the Falkirk Wheel is available from April to November ( not included in the tour price ) . Boat Trip TimesWe recommend you turn up at least 20 mins before your booked boat trip.

  • 11.20
  • 12.30
  • 13.40

The world famous Kelpies

The Kelpies sculptures are the largest equine sculptures in the world and they have become Scotland’s best known cultural landmark with over two million visitors .

The Kelpies are 30 metre high sculptures of Clydesdale horses , a unique tribute to the work horses of Scottish industry and economy, pulling the freight barges and coalships along the canals of Scotland in the nineteenth century . Canals shaped the geographical layout of the Falkirk area. The Kelpies are the centrepiece of the Helix Park in Falkirk .

The Kelpies have become the most famous equine sculptures in the world . VisitBritain has dubbed them ‘Kai Po Ju Ma’ which translates as “glorious armoured giant horses”.

For more details about availability phone / Whatsapp +44131 549 9785 / +447305-294773 .

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Callendar House in Falkirk has just received a five-star rating from VisitScotland. The 14th century building, set within Callendar Park and opened to the public in 1996 after centuries as a family home with links to Mary Queen of Scots, has achieved the national tourism organisation’s top-quality award. The House dates back to the 14th century.

For core experience, catering, hospitality, friendliness, staff efficiency and cleanliness it reached “exceptional” standard following a Quality Assurance visit.

Kelpies creator reveals his greatest ambition

Andy Scott , the sculptor behind Scotland’s iconic Kelpies landmark has said he wants to design a statue dedicated to comedian Billy Connolly.

Andy Scott, who has a number of notable sculptures around the world, said as an “informal ambassador for Glasgow and Scotland”, the Big Yin deserves a tribute to him to be built.

Scott described Connolly, originally from Glasgow but now living in Florida, as “one of the funniest comedians ever, as well as a great actor and all-round entertainer”.

Designing a statue to Connolly would demonstrate the “impact he’s had on Scottish culture”, Scott added.

In 2011 Scott unveiled a huge steel mural of Connolly on a wall close to Connolly’s birthplace overlooking the shipyards where he once worked. The comedian said he was “extremely grateful” to be honoured in that way.

Connolly said “I consider myself a citizen of the world, but I was born and raised in Glasgow – it is where my first children were born – where I learnt to play the banjo – where I served my apprenticeship as a welder, and where I first performed in public.

“My heart beats to the rhythm of Glasgow – it is in my blood.”

Last month, Connolly, now retired from comedy, said the the challenge of dealing with Parkinsons were getting worse but added he continued to enjoy filming TV shows.

The 78-year-old also made light of the troubles he experiences, saying on his last tour he told members of the audience: “Good evening, symptom spotters”.

He has recently filmed a five-part series for the UK Gold channel, which will see Connolly reflect on his career and life.

Why Are the Kelpies the most iconic landmark in Scotland ?

Scotland has many iconic landmarks from stunning landscapes to castles and monuments.

My top five landmarks in Scotland are

the Kelpies

From the opening of the Forth and Clyde Canal in the 1770s, the barges were pulled by one or two horses which had to be changed at various stages. Kelpies tours can be booked online or phone +447305294773 .

Our Five star tours available for booking include

The Kelpies were inspired by the Clydesdale horses used to pull barge along the canals of Scotland. Buy Kelpies gifts online – canvas prints , travel mugs , t-shirts, phone cases and throw pillows

Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle in the Highlands is the most photographed castle in the world due to its unique position on an island in the middle of three lochs. Buy Eilean Donan Castle prints and gifts in the Eilean Donan Castle gift shop

Glencoe Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland consists of the three Paps of Glencoe . This iconic mountain is in the heart of the Highlands

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle , Scotland is the most popular visitor attraction in Scotland. The castle dominates the city skyline of Edinburgh . Edinburgh Castle is Scotland’s most popular visitor attraction . More than 1 million visitors are drawn each year by its spectacular location and history. They can see the Crown Jewels, the One O’Clock Gun and the Stone of Destiny as well as the Great Hall, St Margaret’s Chapel, and Mons Meg. Edinburgh Castle is a world-class attraction and today’s well-traveled tourists have high expectations. The vaults at Edinburgh Castle were constructed around 1500 and later used as soldiers’ barrack-rooms and a bakehouse. However they were used for many years as prisons of war from the 1750s into the early 1800s. The Castle is at the top of the Royal Mile . If you walk down the Royal Mile you can see a large number of gift shops , pubs and restaurants . At the foot of the Royal Mile is the new Scottish Parliament building and the Palace of Holyroodhouse , the official residence of the Queen in Scotland 

Loch Lomond

How much does it cost to visit the Kelpies ?

There is no entrance fee to pay to see the Kelpies. The first car park near the entrance is free all the year round . During the summer if you go between 10am and 5pm then there is a parking fee at the second car park of £3 . The Helix’s own tour of the Kelpies costs about £2 and they run all summer . The tour includes going inside one of the Kelpies

Are the Kelpies lit up every night ?

The Kelpies are lit up with LED lights an hour after sun down every night , giving a spectacular view for motorists passing on the M9 motorway next to the Kelpies .  Lightup time changes throughout the year according to the weather and season.

Can you see the Kelpies from the M9 ?

The huge Kelpies , each one 100 feet high , are made of 600 tonnes of steel and can be clearly seen from the M9 motorway . Just keep your eyes on the road ! If your passengers want to take a picture as they pass by I would say you’re much better actually visiting the Kelpies as you really get an obscured view from the road . Two Clydesdale horses are the inspiration behind the giant Kelpie heads at Falkirk. The Kelpies are the largest equine sculptures in the world ( and the most impressive )

Take a Highlands Scotland tour from Edinburgh and discover the beauty of Scotland’s landscapes. Late bookings can be made by phone / WhatsApp +447305294773.

Photography by David Rankin , Photogold

The Kelpies go Supernova

The Kelpies go Supernova ! Every November since 2015 the Kelpies have been the location for a dazzling fun run all in a good cause .

A unique night-time race around the Kelpies is being held .
The 5k run was the first event of its kind in Scotland in 2015 .
The run takes place at dusk on November 8, 9 and 10 and it will allow participants to explore the home of the two 30-metre high horses at their best – lit up in their dark surroundings.
LED head torches and glow-sticks will make the 5k run a unique experience , immersing the runners in fantastic voyage around the 300 tonne statues.
The Supernova event is a 5K with a twist, with friends and family kitted out in anything that glows in the dark and creating a magical experience of light and sound.
Visitors to the Kelpies know that they look absolutely spectacular – especially when they’re all lit up at night .
The event is open for both experienced runners and friends and families wanting a stroll – with fancy dress strongly encouraged.

Visit the Kelpies on our Kelpies tours . Phone 07305-294773 for more details  .

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Picture by Photogold photography

Visit the Kelpies in Falkirk

Visit the Kelpies in Falkirk

Looking for things to do in Falkirk ? Why not take the Kelpies Falkirk tour and visit 3 five star attractions ?

The Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel and Callendar house feature in this tour .

The Kelpies have become one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland .

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