The Kelpies tours

The Kelpies tours

The Kelpies , towering equine sculptures that rise majestically in the Helix Park near Falkirk in Scotland, have made a significant impact on the region and beyond since their unveiling in 2014 . The best way of appreciating the size and impact of the Kelpies is to visit them in person . The value of taking a tour to the Kelpies extends into various spheres including culture, economy, and education.

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Created by artist Andy Scott, these 30 metre tall steel monuments are a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered heritage and are now synonymous with Scottish cultural identity. A hundred years ago there were over 1000 horses stabled in Falkirk .

Cultural Impact: The Kelpies represent the mythical shape-shifting water spirits of Scottish folklore, which were said to inhabit the lochs and rivers. By bringing such legends to monumental life, Scott has created a cultural landmark that resonates with the Scottish people’s affinity for myth and history. The sculptures serve as a modern-day interpretation of a cultural narrative, bridging the gap between ancient legends and contemporary art. Tours to the Kelpies offer an opportunity for visitors to engage with Scottish folklore, understand the symbolism behind the sculptures, and appreciate the blend of art and engineering.

Explore the famous Kelpies ,Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel on our unique tour of the Kelpies

Economic Value: As the largest public artworks in Scotland, and the largest equine sculptures in the world , the Kelpies have become a beacon for tourists, drawing visitors not just from the UK but from around the world. This influx of tourists has had a considerable economic impact on the local area through direct employment in the tourism sector and the broader economy, with spending on accommodation, food, and other attractions. The Kelpies tours contribute to the sustainability of the sculptures and the park, with proceeds often reinvested into maintenance and community projects, ensuring that the economic benefits have a ripple effect throughout the region.

Explore the famous Kelpies ,Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel on our unique Kelpies tour

Educational Significance: Educationally, tours to the Kelpies provide insight into a range of subjects from engineering and architecture to art and design. Visitors learn about the construction process which involved intricate design and engineering feats to erect the 300-ton steel structures. School tours often include workshops and educational programs, fostering creativity and learning among younger generations.

Environmental Appreciation: The Kelpies are situated within the Helix, a parkland project aimed at transforming underused land into a thriving green space for community use. Tours of the Kelpies often encompass the wider environmental context, promoting the value of urban green spaces, biodiversity, and ecological conservation. They highlight the balance between human artistic endeavor and the natural environment, encouraging visitors to consider their own impact on the world around them.

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Social Connection: On a social level, the Kelpies have become a source of pride for the people of Falkirk and Scotland as a whole. They are a focal point for community events and celebrations, from light shows to local festivals. Tours often include stories from locals, personalizing the visitor experience and fostering social connections.

Health and Wellbeing: The Kelpies are also part of broader walking and cycling routes, with guided tours promoting physical activity. The act of walking in the open air, enjoying the sculptures and the park, contributes to the overall wellbeing of visitors, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Photographic Interest: For photography enthusiasts, the Kelpies offer a unique subject, changing with Scotland’s dramatic weather and light conditions. Tours at different times of day, including at dusk when the sculptures are dramatically lit, provide ample opportunity for capturing striking images.

In conclusion, the Kelpies are more than just sculptures; they are a dynamic part of Scotland’s cultural landscape. Our unique Kelpies tour is an enriching experience that offers a multifaceted insight into Scotland’s heritage, the impact of public art, and the beauty of community spaces while contributing to the economic and social fabric of the region.

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How long is The Kelpies tour ?

A private day tour featuring a visit to the Kelpies is six hours long , including a visit to Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel . You can spend an hour at the Kelpies . The visitor centre has a cafe , gift shop and restrooms. It also features a time lapse video of the Kelpies bing built . Book your Kelpies tours online the Kelpies, at night canvas prints , Helix Park , Falkirk , Scotland

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Kelpies tours

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The Kelpies sculptures are the largest works of artwork  in Scotland, and the largest equine sculptures in the world.

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The Kelpies are the largest pieces of equine art in the world , created by Scottish artist Andy Scott. The most successful Scottish artist of all time is Jack Vettriano .

The Kelpies Falkirk tours  are available now – visit the Kelpies , the Falkirk Wheel and Callendar House on your own private tour of Falkirk

Visit the Kelpies Falkirk , Scotland

Looking for things to do in Falkirk ? Why not take the Kelpies Falkirk tour and visit these unique attractions ?

The Kelpies, Stirling Castle and the Falkirk Wheel  feature in this tour .

The Kelpies have become one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland with over  three million visitors in its 10 year history . The Kelpies have their 10 year anniversary next week .

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