The Kelpies Supernova run is back !

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The Kelpies Supernova run returns Great news for fun runners and Kelpies fans – the supernova 5K is going to return to Falkirk after the success of the event in the town in the past.Runners have been asked to dig out their fluorescent clothing and grab anything that glows and flashes for the event. The 5k … Read more

The story of the Kelpies – a myth ?

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The myth of the Kelpie, deeply rooted in Scottish folklore, is a captivating and eerie tale that has intrigued and frightened generations. A Kelpie, in Scottish mythology, is a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It has been described primarily as appearing in the form of a horse but is known … Read more

The Kelpies tours

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The Kelpies, towering equine sculptures that rise majestically in the Helix Park near Falkirk in Scotland, have made a significant impact on the region and beyond since their unveiling in 2013. Created by artist Andy Scott, these 30-meter-tall steel monuments are a testament to Scotland’s horse-powered heritage and are now synonymous with Scottish cultural identity. … Read more

Council announce new plan for the Kelpies , Scotland after loss

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The home of Falkirk’s iconic Kelpies in Scotland has shocked fans and supporters with the news of a loss of £600,000 a year despite being one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions. The 300-hectare site costs £2.1m to maintain every year but generates an income of just £1.5m from its cafes and visitor centre, Kelpie … Read more

The Kelpies at night go Supernova !

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A unique night-time race around the Kelpies is being held in November  . The 5k run was the first event of its kind in Scotland in 2015 . Visit the Kelpies on our unique Kelpies tours with free hotel pickup from Edinburgh . Phone +447305-294773 for more details . The Kelpies at night HDR print … Read more

Kelpies creator reveals his greatest ambition

Explore the famous Kelpies , the Falkirk Wheel and Callendar House in Falkirk , tour three five star attractions in Falkirk . Tour the Kelpies the largest equine sculptures in the world. Six hour private tour around Falkirk for up to four passengers

Andy Scott , the sculptor behind Scotland’s iconic Kelpies landmark has said he wants to design a statue dedicated to comedian Billy Connolly. Andy Scott, who has a number of notable sculptures around the world, said as an “informal ambassador for Glasgow and Scotland”, the Big Yin deserves a tribute to him to be built. … Read more