Original Beryl Cook paintings for sale

Original Beryl Cook paintings for sale . Artist Cook has produced many paintings during her successful career . Her most popular images include Angels, Cruising and A Bird in Hand .

Cruising by Beryl Cook . Silkscreen of four large ladies in their swimming costumes in a hot tub aboard a cruise ship with a volcano erupting in the distance. Two men are climbing steps on the left of the picture dressed in uniforms. One lady has a yellow dotted swimsuit on and the others have black polka dot or green. They are all drinking champagne. Please Call 01324 883305 To Order This Artwork Image Size: 490 mm x 485 mm Paper Size: 635 mm x 610 mm Edition Size: 395

The Kelpies

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The Kelpies are the largest pieces of equine art in the world , created by Scottish artist Andy Scott. The most successful Scottish artist of all time is Jack Vettriano .

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